The U.S needs more than 1.5 million housing units each year, and the comparative growth in demand, especially in Florida is good news for property managers. If you are yet to get your license, the time is now. Getting a property management license in Florida will increase your value and enhance your marketability. Read on to know how you can get your property management license in Florida.

Community Association Manager in Florida 

Contrary to other licensing requirements in Florida, the minimum education for CAM is a pre-licensure course. The FL Community Associations Academy is one of the credible institutions to get the CAM course.

Real Estate Broker’s License 

At 18 years, you are eligible for a real estate broker license in this state, considering that the minimum education level is a high school diploma. You will also need to have a real estate sales associate license for two years to qualify for a broker’s license. The process of obtaining a real estate broker license requires you to successfully complete a pre-licensing course by FREC.

You will need 72 classroom hours covering diverse topics related to real estate. Further, you will need a grade of more than 75 once you sit for your Real Estate Broker Examination, which is a threshold set to ensure you gain an in-depth understanding of the field. With this, you will not fall to the misconceptions in the real estate industry, which delude most property managers.

Real Estate Salespersons License in Florida 

Getting a real estate salesperson license is one of the ways to operate as a new property manager in Florida. To acquire this certificate, you need to complete 63 hours of the sales associate course. When you sit for the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Examination, the desirable grade is 75%. What’s more, the agency will test your moral character through a background check once you submit your fingerprints.

What if I have a Property Management License from another State?

If you obtained your license from Mississippi, Illinois, Georgia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Alabama, Nebraska, and Arkansas, you can get an equivalent in Florida because of the existing mutual recognition. You will only take a 40-question real estate exam in Florida. However, you will need to adhere to the licensing requirements in Florida if you are from a different state. The requirements on application, education, examination, and fingerprints are the same for property managers operating in Florida.

License Renewal in Florida

Consider post-licensing education after obtaining your broker or real estate sales associate license. A request for license renewal should follow shortly, that is, before 24 months elapse. The post-licensing education is about 60 hours and 45 hours for brokers and sales associates respectively. FREC requires you to have 14 hours of progressive education before your next license renewal.

Getting your property management license in Florida is a hustle-free process if you meet the minimum requirements. With this document, be sure that your career has just started on the right footing. Besides, property management companies desire a certified and licensed person because it signifies commitment.

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