The Secrets of Getting the Right Coursework in the UK

A coursework is a practical or a written work that a student records during the process of studying. The student writes what he/she has done – the research was undertaken if any, and the results found. The coursework is usually assessed by a lecturer or the instructor so as to award marks or grades to the student. Finding a good coursework is a challenge, especially in the UK. However, this article equips you with the secrets of finding the right one.

Look for a writer or a writing platform

A coursework is an assignment given so that it is done at home probably in your free time. However, you might be busy or on a tight schedule and so you might lack time to do it. Go to different sites and find a writer who is willing and able to do it for you. There are many writers who do coursework writing in the UK therefore, it will not be a problem finding one. Have a discussion with the person. Explain to him the kind of coursework you want.

More so, discuss with the writer how and when you will be giving out the assignments and the time that he/she should take to deliver the work. Then again, how you pay the person matters. Good payment motivates the writer to do a quality work and keep time so that you may hand over the coursework within the required period. Then again, there are sites and platforms in the UK where you post your work, a writer takes the order, does the assignment and delivers. This can be a good idea since the work done is quality. If you are not satisfied, you are allowed to reject and find another writer.

Lay down the rules

To come up with a good coursework, there are a couple of rules to follow. Firstly, there should be no plagiarism. This is where you pretend someone’s work is yours. More so, directly copying the work of another person is plagiarism. Therefore, inform the writer that he/she should do his/her own research and analysis then come up with the answers to the assignment without copying someone’s work. Then again, let the writer know that the answers are what you are looking for.

As a result, he/she should state the important points and avoid filler words. Furthermore, instructions are fundamental. You will gain grades by following instructions. Due to this, make sure the writer understands the instructions well. However, if you choose to use the sites that are used in the UK, then it is much easier. The platform ensures that the writers are good ones and that they provide quality work. More so, the rules are made clear to them. Therefore, all you have to do is give out the work. The benefits of these platforms are that the work done is quality and is delivered on time. Then again, there is a full money-back guarantee. In addition, there is help and other services 24/7.

Ideas for writing an informal essay

What is an informal essay?

Informal essay is something that doesn’t need to be all perfect. The essays which are written in a professional tone are formal ones. When you write an essay for your school assignment, you are worried about various things such as your tone of writing, choice of words and sentence construction. Although in an informal essay, you need to keep an eye on these components – it is not as critical as a formal one. Having said that, writing an informal essay is not everybody’s cup of tea.

The nature of informal essay is that it should be able to connect to the reader as easily as possible. Many people who are into casual reading find it boring or sometimes difficult to read a formal essay. Like when you want to write something about a famous game which is trending recently, writing them in an academic tone would not attract many viewers. Informal essay is the go-to option when a writer compromises on ceremonial aspects of academic tone to bring in some creativity so that the content attracts the target audience.

Key aspect of informal essay

An informal essay doesn’t have any stringent rule for structure. You can mix things as you want. Sometimes writers start an essay from a concluding remark to give the audiences something engaging to start on. The informal essay can be a first-person narrative if required, many times a first-person narrative story is more appealing than told as a third person.

You can fancy the use of various synonyms to describe for a specific action or an event. Whereas in formal essays, you are supposed to use more of conventional words, so that it does appear stately. Informal essays are usually shorter in length than the formal ones. Informal essays are generally written on a broad topic, where in-depth analysis with proper citations is not required.

Tips for writing an informal essay

● Think of informal essay as your magic wand to accumulate as much as creativity in your content.

● Try to play with the overall outline of the essay, sentence and paragraph structures. Make an effort to make
it as interesting as possible.

● You have the liberty of using a casual writing tone, so don’t think too much on selecting the right word and forms, rather spend most of the thinking on the content.

● Personalize your writing style with the target audience and the topic. Formal essays are mostly meant for a standard audience like your teacher or your supervisor. But informal essays could be written for anybody ranging from children to adults.

● Mostly stick to first and second person narrative.

Some examples of formal and informal writing

Formal: The experiments cannot be done apart from the prescribed conditions.

Informal: The experiments can’t be done apart from the prescribed conditions.

Formal: It is expected that the team performs well in the competition.

Informal: I want the team to perform well in the competition.

Formal: The visually impaired people find it difficult to cross the road.

Informal: The blind people find it difficult to cross the road.

Having an exam tomorrow? Here are the top study tips for tonight

Exam fever has begun. As always, a major
part of the students haven’t begun to study and they have exams due tomorrow.
This is what brings you to this article today.

Why aren’t you prepared?

The fact is that if you have a month to
study, you will complete your preparation in a month. If you had a week, you’d
still finish preparing for it.

Based on your past experience, if at
some point you realized that you would have done a better job if you had more
time, then by all means you should start studying early.

In case you don’t find a significant
difference in your performance, you can continue to study when the deadline

Here are strategies and tips for
tonight that will help you pass tomorrow’s exam with flying colors.

1. Set achievable goals

You simply do not have time to study
each and everything from the textbook. You should aim to make the most
effective used of the time that you have.

2. Solve maximum questions

You should focus on completing all the
problems that are at the end of the chapter as these questions are usually
based on the most important topics from the chapter.

Instead of reading through each chapter.
Start learning by solving the existing questions that are provided at the end
of each chapter.

3. Do it now

Do not make the mistake of believing
that you’d wake up early and study. There is a good chance that you over sleep
and end up wrecking your exam. Have some coffee, keep yourself awake and finish
the task at hand. You have already spent a lot of time avoiding studies, if you
continue to do that, you won’t pass tomorrow’s exam.

4. Remember to Revise

The limited time that you will get in
the morning will be essential for revision. This will help you remember
everything you have learnt better during the actual exam.

5. Be efficient with your time

Because you no longer have the luxury of
time on your side, you would have to rely on quality of learning as well as the
quantity. This maximizes your chances to still score respectable marks in your

Online Sources

Youtube offers a wealth of information
on studying. Here are a few recommended videos.

This video by CrashCourse is
titled : Studying for exams : Crash Course Study Skills. This is #7 of
the series, you can check out their other videos as well.

Thomas Frank’s video on The Most
Powerful Way to Remember What you Study. It offers a great technique that will
help you remember things longer by spacing out the studying work.

How to Read Your Textbooks More
Efficiently is another video by Thomas Frank, it offers you are more efficient
way to study. This will save you time specially as your exam is due tomorrow.

This video is titled study efficiently.
It teaches you the Cornell Method to take notes. Studying through textbooks is
one thing, taking useful notes has it’s own importance. If you take clear, easy
to understand notes, you can refer to these notes rather than once again going
through the textbook. This will save time and will help recollection of
information a lot easier.

Equipped with these tips and strategies
you will be able to score good marks in tomorrow’s exam even if you only study
for the night. Good Luck!